Gear Cutting

For more than 40 years, gear cutting has been our core business and over the last decade it helped us to seperate ourselves from the competition with regards to gearbox repairs.

The ability to manufacture gears from samples with very short lead times gives us the competitive edge with regards to service and pricing.

Meticulous inspection is carried out at all stages of manufacture. If required, drawings will be produced using your sample to provide historical data for future reference.

We have capacity for manufacturing complete from drawing or gear cutting from component sample supplied. From one-off to production work and also a special breakdown service.

We offer a range of helical, spur, bevel, worm and wheel, rack and pinion and splines.

RWG Engineering

We are committed to investing in the future and our capacity list is being expanded and improved continuously.

Material stock: A comprehensive stock of most materials are always available to ensure your requirements are met, even if out of normal working hours, your engineering needs will be met quickly and precisely at all times.

Call us 24 hours a day on 0151 546 9787 and speak to a friendly member of staff.